Design of products with a view to user's comfort


Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary scientific discipline that concerns about human activities and human interactions with machines and the environment, where these machines are operated. In general, ergonomics is about optimization of human activity, which is affected by many factors related to various scientific disciplines. We focus especially on structures and industrial design. We design products, which are used by humans for working or other activities.

Research characteristics

In the field of industrial design, we are able to design ergonomically optimized products. We focus on design of machines, tools and instruments, medical devices, vehicles, etc. We analyse ergonomics of existing products and feasibility of the handling of the product. We are able to propose design of new products considering maximization of the user's comfort as well. User-centered design is our primary aim. End user is in the centre of our attention from the very beginning phase of the product design. The result is that the final product offers maximum comfort for the user.


  • LCD tablet Wacom Cintiq
  • 3D modeling software Rhinoceros
  • 3D modeling software 3DS Max
  • 3D printer Prusa i3
  • laser cutting plotter Inteo
  • CNC milling machine Charly robot