We extend knowledge of machine and industrial design


Long-term goal of the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design is to carry out cutting-edge research and development and to transfer the latest findings from research to degree study programmes. R&D activities cover both fundamental and industrial research in the field of machine and industrial design.

Knowledge and abilities obtained by fundamental research are vital for solving urgent and multidisciplinary problems of today's world. We are able to effectively meet the needs of industry and foresee significant problems that can emerge in the future.

Fundamental research

Fundamental research means experimental or theoretical activities undertaken with the aim of acquiring knowledge concerning the fundamentals or the basic nature of the phenomena observed and explaining their causes and possible impacts while using the knowledge acquired.

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Industrial research

Industrial research is aimed at acquisition of new knowledge and skills for developing new products, processes or services or significant improvement in existing products, processes or services. Outcomes of industrial research include production of prototypes in laboratories that are used in products, technologies and services for business purposes.

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